• White Tuna from
    the Basque

    We offer to our customers the best
    tuna. Our work depends completely
    on what fishermen catch each
    day, since Conservas
    Nardin only works with
    fresh seasonal fish.

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  • The best anchovy from
    the Cantabric


    Just like the finest wines, our
    salted anchovies undergo
    a one year process to
    obtain the best result and

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  • Canning process using techniques of our ancestors

    We keep using the same techniques
    as our ancestors. Their expertise
    and skills are currently
    preserved and treated as a
    treasure at Conservas Nardin.

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  • Premium quality on
    canned seafood

    Only fresh seasonal fish.

    The fish is handled on the day of purchase

    Traditional preparation methods that are
    totally preservative-free.

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Un producto que marca la diferencia Se trata de anchoa capturada por la flota del Cantábrico únicamente en campaña, y manipulada el mismo día de la compra. La preparamos sin conservantes, ni aditivos, íntegramente en la empresa, y partiendo de piezas enteras. Además, la ahumamos con humo natural proveniente de madera de haya, proporcionándole un […]