Cantabrian Anchovies

Cantabrian Anchovies

The Cantabrian anchovies from Conservas Nardín are one of the most highly regarded semi-preserves for their flavour and texture.

In our preserves, we only use the highest quality anchovies, the Engraulis Encrasicolus , purchased in the Getaria fish market, directly from the fishermen who catch them in the Bay of Biscay. These are fished at the optimal time, during the spring months. During the season, we select the highest quality and ideal size , based on the extensive experience of our canning masters.

To maintain the quality and flavour of our Cantabrian anchovies, we only buy those that we can produce during the same day, in this way they maintain their flavour and texture ensuring maximum quality.

Our Cantabrian anchovies are packaged with the highest quality olive oil, to preserve all their flavour until they reach your table.

Cantabrian Anchovy Fillet Chunks 210g jar