Benefits and requirements

At Conservas Nardín we maintain a close and professional relationship with our distributors. The experience, prestige and presence of our products, both nationally and internationally, guarantee the quality of our work.


  • We have 25 years of experience on the international market
  • We offer personalized attention
  • We prepare custom-made orders
  • We offer exclusivity and loyalty for product distribution according to the area of influence.
  • Our product is reliable, easy to work with and has prestigious quality seals.

We have a commitment with all our customers, end users and distributors, also with the fishermen’s associations, with the boats and with the fishermen, together we work better.


  • We demand the same professionalism with which we develop our work and product.
  • We are comfortable with those who appreciate selection and quality over quantity.
  • Most of the product requires extreme care, the cold chain cannot be broken.
  • Nardín requires a commitment to not work with similar products by other brands in the field of high-volume distribution.

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