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Nardín, true preserving artisans, maximum quality with manual work without additives or preservatives. The integrity of our product and the quality of our business relationships are our guarantee. Conservas Nardín, we combine the perfect knowledge of tradition and the constant search for innovation. Our smoked fish are critically acclaimed and are accompanied by the prestigious Great Taste seals.

White tuna in olive oil

Tuna caught by traditional fishing methods using a rod, one at a time, from July to October. In the form of loins, chunks or flakes to satisfy all possible production needs. This range of products is available in various sizes and formats for different customer profiles. We cater to the individual customer with the smallest grammage formats and also to the consumer needs that require large quantities more typical of hotel and catering businesses. All with the highest quality, sustainable and without chemical additives of any kind. 

White tuna is one of the noblest fish of our beloved Cantabrian coast and at Conservas Nardín we give it the exquisite treatment it deserves. To learn more about the production process, click on this category.

White tuna belly is the most appreciated part of the tuna, for being the tastiest and juiciest, due to its high fat content. These fats are also rich in fatty acids like Omega-3 which are beneficial to our health and help to prevent circulatory system illnesses. Like the rest of our canned tuna, the belly cuts come from traditionally fished northern white tuna, guaranteeing the sustainability of the seas in our commitment to the marine ecosystem.

We sell this highly appreciated product both in cans and in glass jars to show it off in shop windows and displays. A true delicacy, to learn more about the production process, click on this category.

White tuna belly

Anchovies in vinegar

Our anchovies in vinegar are made from Cantabrian anchovies. Catching and subsequent handling must be carried out with care to avoid any damage to the anchovy from the source. They are then seasoned and marinated in our special vinaigrette recipe, which we have saved generation after generation, which gives them that subtle flavour of vinegar with olive oil. This careful process of artisanal production is what gives our anchovies in vinegar their delicate and appetizing texture, distinctive throughout the range of Nardín anchovies.

We present the anchovy in three different forms designed to be consumed in different environments and to satisfy a wide range of customers. For more information click on the category.

Conservas Nardín’s Cantabrian anchovies are one of the most appreciated semi-preserves for their flavour and texture. We only use the best quality Cantabrian anchovies, the Engraulis Encrasicolus. These are fished at the opportune moment, during the spring months. During the season, we select the ideal size, based on the extensive experience of our expert preservers. To maintain the quality and flavour of our Cantabrian anchovies, we only buy the ones we can process on the same day, so they keep their flavour and texture together with the best olive oil.

We supply both whole fillets in different weights and formats as well as pieces, which are somewhat cheaper and cover a lot of productions without having to lower the quality of the product used. For more information click on the category.

Cantabrian anchovies

Getaria smoked fish

Getaria smoked products are the result of years of effort and enthusiasm to bring to the market a product following Nardín’s commitment to traditional production and exclusive raw material from the Cantabrian Sea caught seasonally. This is why our smoked preserves are produced with native hardwoods following an artisanal manufacturing process in which we work with very few pieces to achieve a delicate and natural smoking process, always respecting the raw material, without preservatives or additives. We could not be prouder of the end product.

Our Cantabrian anchovies and mackerel maintain their optimum texture and juiciness, which melt in the mouth, on this occasion, with this smoked touch. Endorsed by the GreatTaste seals, for more information click on the category.

Salted anchovies are possibly the oldest gastronomic speciality in the world, dating back to the Bronze Age. At Nardín we only prepare salted Cantabrian anchovies from the spring season. It is the only anchovy that we consider suitable to offer the quality of our salted anchovies since it is at this time of the year when the anchovy comes to spawn on our coast and under optimal conditions. After a maturation period of months, we make our salted anchovies a distinguished product.

That is why, year after year, our customers endorse our expertise by betting exclusively on Nardín’s salted anchovies and we, in the same way, take our work very seriously, offering an incomparable salted product. For more information click on the category.

Salted anchovies

Cantabrian preserves packs

Discover our selection of Cantabrian preserves, white tuna, Cantabrian anchovies, Getaria smoked fish and anchovies in vinegar. All of them in ideal packs to discover and taste our specialties.

Our careful process of artisanal elaboration together with an unsurpassable raw material, captured only in season, are our guarantee of quality. For more information click on the category.

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