Salted anchovies

The process is 100% by hand and with completely natural ingredients, with salt as the only preservative. Our clients endorse our expertise year after year, defining it as incomparable.

Characteristics of salted anchovies

We work the anchovy in a centuries-old way. After cleaning the catches, we carry out a rendering process in which we add salt to the anchovies. We give great importance to the quantity and quality of the salt used, experience has taught us to keep it in an optimal state and grammage. After this we store the fish in barrels that together with the salt and a pressing process will mature for months, this process is varied depending on the temperature and will be constantly supervised by the salting expert.

This is a product for true gourmets. It offers an infinite amount of elaborations as the final customer will be the one to extract the anchovy from the salt where it has matured and then work it depending on how they will present it. A prestigious format perfect for restaurants and true food lovers who value the quality and artisanal process that Conservas Nardin boasts.

Preservation of salted anchovies

Salted anchovies are a semi-preserved product and therefore it is extremely important not to break the cold chain. This guarantees its perfect preservation and must be respected in its preparation, distribution, storage and sale until the moment of consumption. We estimate that this temperature should be between zero and four degrees Celsius. Expiration 2 years.

Preserve in a fridge between 0º and 4º
Transport in refrigerated vehicles
Consume preferably within 2 years

Our salted anchovies products

Salted Cantabrian anchovies 5kg can
Salted Cantabrian anchovies 5kg can
Ref: RO-3900
Net weight: 5000 g
Drained weight: 3700 g

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