White tuna belly

White tuna belly is the most appreciated part of the tuna. Packed individually with top-quality olive oil and a minimum maturation period of two years.

Characteristics of white tuna belly

When the tuna arrives at the factory, we immediately proceed to its preparation, reserving the belly with great care, as this part is the highest quality meat of the tuna due to its concentration of fats. Depending on the size of the catches, they will be cooked in brine for a different lengths of time. Experience has taught us how to best manage timing and salt concentrations to obtain the highest quality products, a professional secret that has been kept for generations.

After a cooling process we clean the skin and bones before packaging the different formats, then we add the best quality oil and seal them. Each jar is then sterilized, a process similar to a water bath that eliminates any bacteria. Finally, we store the canned product for a period of about two years, which allows the tuna meat to absorb the flavors of the oil, making it a juicy product with an excellent taste.

Preservation of white tuna belly

White tuna belly is a preserve and as such does not need to be refrigerated during the distribution or storage process. However, it must be kept cool and dry. It is not recommended to store them near heat emitting points such as motors or heaters, nor near humid spaces. Once opened for consumption, it should be stored in the refrigerator. Expiration 5 years.

Preserve in a cool and dry place.
It does not need to be transported in refrigerated vehicles.
Consume preferably within 5 years

Our white tuna belly products

White tuna belly 240g jar
White tuna belly 240g jar
Ref: B-250
Net weight: 240 g
Drained weight: 160 g
White tuna belly, 295g can
White tuna belly, 295g can
Ref: RO-280
Net weight: 295 g
Drained weight: 170 g

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