My name is Mila Oliveri and I am the CEO of Conservas Nardin.

I come from a family of Sicilian origin. My ancestors are from the island of Sicily, specifically from Sciacca (Agrigento), a village with a great tradition in salting and curing anchovies.

Ever since I can remember, my family has been involved in the art of salting.


Grandfather Leonardo & dad 1962

It was generally well known that the best quality anchovies came from the Cantabrian coast so at the beginning of the 20th century, my great-grandfather, Giuseppe Oliveri, came to the Basque Country as the head of production of a Sicilian company to introduce and teach the technique of salting.


Dad – Supervising work 1980


Sebastian 2011


To offer the best quality products and create a gastronomical culture based upon the Anchovy, Mackerel and Tuna, creating moments of pleasure for cooks and consumers alike.


To continue being a quality reference company as well as to give the best service in commerce and distribution so that the product reaches all corners where there are clients interested in NARDÍN.


We work exclusively with sustainable Cantabrian Sea fish. Our growth is a responsible and sustainable one dictated by the limited and well controlled resources available to us.

We are very much concerned in maintaining a local work force and also committed to different organizations with sustainable targets.

Our company is made up of a team that has been together since the beginning. We are proud to be able to say that almost 90% of the original NARDÍN team still work together locally. This has created an extraordinary commitment and professionalism, constantly searching for excellence.


Great-grandfather Giuseppe Oliveri


Grandfather Leonardo Oliveri 1960


Nowadays we continue working in exactly the same way and with the same technique as 100 years ago except for adapting the production to meet the current norms and requirements.

The essence of good salting remains intact. Our product continues to be processed by hand in the traditional way.

Such expertise in this area has allowed us to start producing anchovies in other ways such as Vinaigrette Anchovies and Smoked Anchovies.

In 1995 we started our journey producing Salted Anchovies and Tuna which were at that time our only products.

A few years later, because of the high quality of Cantabrian anchovies and our own curious spirit, we decided to start experimenting with new and different flavors and we developed Vinaigrette Anchovies.

We didn´t stop there but went one step further and started thinking in our minds of smoking the anchovies with our nearby woods. It hasn´t been easy creating the exact flavor and texture that we were hoping for but after many years of trial and error we finally managed to arrive at the optimal taste and quality we were searching for.

The result was so good, we extended the process to include mackerel and since a few years have therefore been able to offer high quality, seasonal caught Smoked Mackerel.

All these products have proved highly popular with our customers.

Our desire to take our tradition with us into the future will never stop



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