Cantabrian preserves

CONSERVAS NARDÍN, bringing the best of the sea to your home since 1995.

Our Cantabrian Preserves

Conservas Nardín, we combine the perfect knowledge of tradition and the constant search for innovation. We make preserves with seasonal fish from the Cantabrian coast caught with sustainable gear, with no additives, and no chemicals. We are true artisans, the highest quality in what everyone does and the only ones to do different.

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Only the best raw materials

The raw material we work with comes from the Cantabrian coast. Only the amount of fish that we are able to handle in a day arrives at the factory from the port. Our expert preservers will classify the treatment of the catches according to size.

The importance of the source of the raw material

Since the inception of Nardín we have always been committed to artisanal, traditional and sustainable fishing, working the best raw material that we get season after season on the Cantabrian coast. This way we can ensure that the balance of the marine ecosystem is maintained, helping our seas to recover before the next year when the new season begins.

They currently rely on Nardín

Working with NARDIN is professionalism and also no less important for a distributor, the quality is such that once you gain a customer, it is difficult for them to stop buying from you.
Jordi Palà Martí S.L.

We have worked with Nardin since 2006. We have found them incredibly accommodating when it comes to manufacturing high quality products to fulfill an ever demanding yet changing market here in Australia. While there are a lot of competitors in this market, our customers always come back to the Nardin brand. They produce with a short shelf life which ensures freshness and works best for us as we are renowned for importing fresh products from Europe. We consider Nardin as one of the top brands that we carry, and we have to say that they provide the highest quality and most consistent anchovies in the world.

Waimea Trading
The impeccable quality and integrity of Conservas Nardín’s fish is something to admire and treasure. Quality products with true origin
Monika Linton, founder of Brindisa Ltd

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