Anchovies in vinegar

We ensure that our anchovies maintain a characteristic whiteness and texture that sets us apart. A vinaigrette recipe that we guard carefully, inherited from our great-grandparents.

Characteristics of anchovies in vinegar

Direct from the port, our expert preservers select the anchovies that are best suited to the preparation of anchovies in vinegar. In this cold process it is crucial, from the moment the fish is gutted, that it is immersed in a tub of ice and water. After the relevant time each fish is separated into 2 fillets and will again remain in water and ice for a period of time.

The vinegar recipe we use differentiates our anchovies with a white color, texture and characteristic flavor appreciated by the most knowledgeable palates and anyone who tastes them. They are kept in this secret mixture for several days during which they are removed for optimum maturation. Once sealed in the different forms, they go through a freezing process that allows us to confidently offer a product 100% free of anisakis.

Preservation of anchovies in vinegar

Anchovies in vinegar is a semi-preserved product and therefore it is extremely important not to break the cold chain. This guarantees its perfect preservation and must be respected in its preparation, distribution, storage and sale until the moment of consumption. We estimate that this temperature should be between zero and four degrees Celsius. Expiration 4 months.

Preserve in a fridge between 0º and 4º
Transport in refrigerated vehicles
Consume preferably within 4 months

Our anchovies in vinegar products

Anchovies in vinegar, 100g can
Anchovies in vinegar, 100g can
Ref: 90-RR
Net weight: 100 g
Drained weight: 75 g
Anchovies in vinegar, 180g terrine
Anchovies in vinegar, 180g terrine
Ref: V-3
Net weight: 180 g
Drained weight: 110 g
Anchovies in vinegar, 850g terrine
Anchovies in vinegar, 850g terrine
Ref: V-4
Net weight: 850 g
Drained weight: 600 g
Anchovy skewers, 650g terrine
Anchovy skewers, 650g terrine
Ref: V-7
Net weight: 650 g
Drained weight: 300 g
Anchovy skewers, 200g jar
Anchovy skewers, 200g jar
Ref: B-212
Net weight: 200 g
Drained weight: 125 g
Pieces of anchovies in vinegar, 440g jar
Pieces of anchovies in vinegar, 440g jar
Ref: 16-Ref
Net weight: 440 g
Drained weight: 250 g

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