Our entire production process is completely traditional and prepared by hand. Developed by expert fileteras, the secret is to treat the raw material with care, purchased the same day just 6 km from our facilities.

It all starts with the purchase of the raw material. From Nardín, we personally attend auctions in the port of Getaria. There, after reviewing all the products brought by the fishermen of the Cantabrian Sea, we select the fish that we will buy. To do this, we compare consignments and discuss qualities by talking to the fishermen themselves. Only in this way do we achieve the best raw material. Subsequently, we go to the auction and bid for the item that interests us the most, we verify the purchase on site and load it into our van in small quantities ensuring that no more than 1 hour elapses from purchase to the arrival at our facilities.

At Conservas Nardín, we only buy the quantity that we will process during that same day, thus preserving all the freshness and ensuring the best quality of the final product.

All the ingredients that we use in the elaboration of our products are of top quality:

  • The brine water comes from natural springs.
  • The salt is properly dried at source so that it does not provide any additional impurity or flavour.
  • The oil is from a first-class house, of small production, selected for its quality and flavour.
  • The woods are local to our forests. We collect them according to the felling season with adequate control and permission, ensuring the sustainability of our forests.

All our products are completely natural. We do not use additives or preservatives. In addition, in the production of our smoked products, we do not use any chemical to flavour them, but we only smoke them with natural wood smoke.

Our products are suitable, for this reason, for consumption by anyone. This includes celiac and allergy sufferers in general. The only allergen being the fish itself.