Smoked Fish from Getaria

Smoked Fish from Getaria

Getaria's smoked products are the result of years of effort and enthusiasm to bring a product to market following Nardín's commitment to traditional processing and exclusive raw materials from the Cantabrian Sea captured in season. So much so that our smoked preserves are made with native hardwoods following an artisanal elaboration process in which we process very few pieces to achieve a delicate and natural smoke, always respecting the raw material, without preservatives or additives.

As with all our products, we buy the best raw material at the Getaria market, after selecting it ourselves. Already in Nardín, it is expert hands together with the supervision of master canners who clean, process and prepare our products with care, guaranteeing the freshness and maximum quality of all our preserves.

We couldn´t be prouder of the final result, our Cantabrian anchovies and mackerel continue to maintain their optimum texture and juiciness , melting in the mouth, this time with this smoky touch.

Try our delicious smoked preserves!

Smoked Anchovies vacuum-packed 55g

Smoked Anchovies in olive oil, 100g can

Smoked Anchovies in olive oil, 255g can

Smoked Mackerel Loins vacuum-packed, 75g

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Smoked Mackerel Loins in olive oil, 100g can

Smoked Anchovy Chunks in sunflower oil, 440g jar

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