Salted Anchovies

Salted Anchovies

The salted anchovies are possibly the oldest gastronomic specialty in the world. Its origin dates back to the Bronze Age where salt was already commercially exploited for use in salted meats.

In Nardín we carry out salting only with Cantabrian anchovy , from the spring campaign. It is the only anchovy that we consider suitable to offer the quality of our salted anchovies , since it is at this time of year when the anchovy comes to spawn at our coast and is in optimal conditions for salting. This is how we have always worked. After artisanal preparation , 100% manual and with purely natural ingredients with salt as the only preservative.

After a maturing period of months, we have made our salted anchovies a distinguished product, with an aroma that will make you close your eyes and fully enjoy an intense but at the same time delicate flavour, with its firm texture so characteristicly salmon in colour.

That is why, year after year, our clients value our expertise, betting exclusively on the salted anchovies from Nardín and we, in the same way, take our work very seriously, offering an incomparable salting.

Salted Cantabrian Anchovies 5kg can