From the beginning of Conservas Nardín, we were clear that our growth was going to be sustained and limited to what the Cantabrian Sea would give us, respecting sustainable fishing and working exclusively with boats that use this type of gear and with the highest quality raw materials, captured exclusively in the campaign season. This has been the case, up to the point where when they closed the fishing grounds of the Cantabrian Sea for 5 years, we did not commercialize Nardín. During that period we created and developed La Getariana, a second brand with fishing from other seas, such as the Mediterranean.

At Nardín we are committed to sustainable fishing and the sustainable use of the resources that the Cantabrian Sea gives us. That is why we only work with boats that have the Dolphin Safe and MSC certified fisheries.

Among our products, tuna fishing is carried out only in the Cantabrian Sea and one by one rod fishing, while mackerel and anchovy are caught in a very close environment, in the Bay of Biscay, using fishing techniques respectful to the marine ecosystem.

The proximity of our facilities, just 6 km from the port of Getaria from which we source, allows us to handle it quickly, respecting the raw material at all times to enhance its flavour and texture through a completely traditional process.

The production process is 100% manual so it does not pollute, thus contributing to the sustainability of our entire environment. In the elaboration of our products, we do not use any chemical elements, preservatives or additives, in this way we do not produce residues, and in addition all our products are suitable for people with any type of allergy, except obviously fish, which is the only allergen they contain. Our raw material is salt for salting, water for cooking tuna and native woods for smoking, and the whole process is absolutely environmentally friendly. In addition, our waste is composted and serves as fertilizer to fertilize the soil of our farmhouses. In this way we encourage and support the use of limited resources.

Another of our commitments is related to our workers. We have always opted for the local and qualified workforce, and we are proud that currently 90% of our workforce is made up of workers who have been with us from the start.

In addition, traditionally the work of salting and tuna has been linked to the female workforce. In the context of the early twentieth century, men went to sea and their wives and daughters supplemented the family finances with extra help by going to the canning factories in season and then returning to their chores at home.

At Conservas Nardín 25 years ago we went one step further and we are committed to giving women's work a less temporary and more continuous character over time, being part of the Nardín team. To ensure that expert hand and achieve balance in every way, our fileteras, named like this within the sector, have always received continuous training, appropriate to the times and needs of the moment. The work of a filetera is completely manual. Their only tools are their hands and a well-sharpened knife to obtain two fillets clean of impurities and bones from each anchovy.

Our values include a commitment to the healthy life of our environment, thus taking an active part in different sporting events by sponsoring triathlon teams and popular activities in our environment where we make ourselves visible and also contribute to our delicious preserves.