Anchovies in vinegar

Anchovies in vinegar

Our anchovies in vinegar are made from Cantabrian anchovies caught in the Bay of Biscay, by local boats with traditional and sustainable fishing gear, exclusively in season. Both the capture and its subsequent handling must be done with care to avoid any damage to the original anchovy.

Selected by us in the Getaria fish market, they arrive at our facilities just a few hours after being captured. Upon arrival, our anchovies are cleaned and prepared by expert hands, performing this process as quickly as possible so that the anchovies maintain their characteristic whiteness and texture.

Later they are seasoned and marinated in our special vinaigrette recipe, that we keep lovingly generation after generation, which gives them that subtle flavor of vinegar seasoned with olive oil.

All this careful artisanal production process is what gives our anchovies in vinegar their delicate and appetizing texture, distinctive in the entire range of Nardín anchovies.

Anchovies in vinegar, 100g can

Anchovies in vinegar, 180g plastic recipient

Anchovies in vinegar, 850g plastic recipient

Anchovy Skewers in vinegar 650g plastic recipient

Anchovy Skewers in vinegar 200g jar

Anchovy Chunks in vinegar 400g jar