The history of Conservas Nardín goes back to the origins of my family. I am Mila Oliveri, founder, together with my husband, of Conservas Nardín. Since my childhood I have seen my family connected to the art of salting. I come from a family of Sicilian origin. My ancestors were from the Sciacca province of Agrigento, a town with a great tradition of salted anchovies.

It was well known throughout the world that the best quality anchovy came from the Cantabrian coast, so at the beginning of the 20th century, my great-grandfather Giuseppe Oliveri came to settle here as manager of a Sicilian company to teach the art and technique of salting. The three generations that have gone before me have dedicated their lives to the art of anchovy salting and always worked for external companies.

25 years ago my husband, Sebastián, and I decided to create our own company and we founded Conservas Nardín, whose name is a small tribute to my grandfather Leonardo, whom everyone affectionately knew by the diminutive Nardín.

Our objective has always been to preserve the knowledge of previous generations in salting to create the best quality preserves with local products in a completely natural way, respecting the marine system and the raw material. During all these years, the effort, the well done job and the respect for the artisan elaboration have had their reward. That is why we thank our consumers for the loyalty of all these years.


Today we continue working in the same way as we did 100 years ago, adapting production to the requirements of current regulations, but the essence of good salting remains the same. Our production continues to be processed manually following the tradition of previous generations under the supervision of master canners.

In our beginnings in 1995 we started our journey producing only salted anchovies and white tuna, but a few years later, due to the high quality of the product and our curiosity, we decided to start experimenting with new forms of elaboration and launched anchovies in vinegar onto the market.

We did not stop there and soon after we went one step further and began to think about smoking our anchovies with native woods. It was not an easy path. Years of testing and many failures led us to achieve the aroma and texture that we had devised for our anchovies.

The result was spectacular and this encouraged us to smoke another noble product from our coast, such as verdel, or mackerel.

These smoked products have been exceptionally well received by our public, both receiving the prestigious Great Taste Awards.


Our desire to move forward in the future will not stop. We will continue to maintain our highest quality standards, and we will continue to innovate in new ways of consuming our fish from the Cantabrian Sea. Our vision for the future, continues to expand into new markets, reinforcing our image internationally, making our products known beyond our borders so that Conservas Nardín reaches homes around the world.


Our mission is to offer the best product by creating a gastronomic culture based on mackerel, anchovy and white tuna, creating moments of pleasure for both cooks and the final consumer, promoting a healthy lifestyle.


To continue being a company of reference in the sector, maintaining our family tradition, transmitted over several generations, as well as continuing to offer a personalized service of commerce and distribution so that our products reach wherever consumers are interested in Nardín.


We work exclusively with raw materials caught with sustainable fishing gear. Our growth is responsible and sustained, dictated by the limitation and control of the resources of the Cantabrian Sea. Our commitment to our local workers is complete as well as the support for different organizations with sustainable objectives that promote a healthy life. We are proud to say that practically 90% of the original Nardín team continue to work together. This has created an extraordinary commitment and professionalism in constant search for excellence.