The tuna belly is the most delicious and exquisite part of the tuna, it is a true delicatessen. In some areas of the peninsula this part of the tuna breast is called" ijada ". It is the area where most of the animal's fat is concentrated.

At a nutritional level it has multiple beneficial properties, as in all blue fish. They highlight its high content of proteins of high biological value , contribution of polyunsaturated fatty acids , phosphorus , vitamins of groups B and D.

This juicy part of the tuna can be eaten raw, baked or preserved.

The white tuna belly produced by Nardín is captured by Getaria's ships between the months of July and September. After a few days of fishing we carefully select the fresh pieces to achieve a successful cut.

In Nardín we separate the trunk from the belly to give it a separate cooking process and thus obtain a meat of thin, mild slices and with an intense flavour. All this is seasoned with a high quality oil that further enhances its flavour.

After at least 2 years of painstaking and careful storage, the white tuna belly Nardín is ready to go on the market. Only in this way the can the consumer taste it at its optimal moment and enjoy its exquisite flavour.

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