The elaboration of our white tuna starts at the time the fishing boats sail out to fishing. Once they get to the right areas, of course inside the Bay of Biscay, the fishing sessions begin. White tunas are caught in a traditional and environmentally friendly way, fished one by one using a fishing rod.

When the fishes are loaded onto the ship, they are carefully stored in ice to preserve them properly until the ships return to the coast. As soon as the load reaches the fish market, we personally take care of choosing the best pieces. The purchases take a very short time to arrive to our factory as the port of Getaria is just a few minutes away from our factory in Zumaia. Once in the factory, we check again that all the specimens are in perfect condition and we proceed to treat the white tuna.

The first thing we do is to cut up the fishes separating the waste from the body and reserving the belly, as it is the most appreciated part of the white tuna. After this process, the useful parts go to the cooking process that varies in time and temperature depending on the size of the pieces that are being handled at the time.

After going through a cooling process, the different parts go through an artisan cleaning process. Thanks to the expert hands of our workers, they carefully remove skin and spine, obtaining perfectly clean pieces, loins and crumbs ready for packaging.

In the packaging phase, we manually blunt the white tuna in jars and cans with each of the different formats, we add the best quality oil and immediately afterwards, the jars and cans are closed to begin the sterilization process. This process is like a water bath for the jars and cans, carried out at high temperatures so any microorganisms are eliminated and the correct sealing is guaranteed.

Finally, our packed white tuna is stored for a period of up to two years of maturation. During this time, the oil impregnates the fish providing nuances and an ideal texture to offer you all the flavour of our white tuna with the best quality.

After all this journey, our white tuna is ready for you to buy and enjoy it both in jars and cans because you will get the same quality, smooth texture and delicious flavour in any format you buy.